Postgraduate Students


Denisha AnandMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Plants and their people: mapping and visualizing plant practices and intimacies in circuits of knowledge, Leliefontein, SA. Supervisor: William Ellis
Freda Mwalyana Sampati-TawanaMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Unmarried fathers' practices, experiences and meaning of fatherhood in Bukalo District, Zambezi Region Namibia.
Supervisor: Sakhumzi Mfecane
Jossias HumbaneMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Empregados in Nampula City: Domestic Work, Masculinities and Matrilineality.
Supervisor: Jung Ran Forte
Leletu BusakweMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Living in an MDR-TB Diagnosed Body: Adolescent Accounts.
Supervisor: Sakhumzi Mfecane
Mzulungile GaqaMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Life Beyond Protests. An Ethnographic Study of What it Means to be an Informal Settlement Resident in Kanana/Gugulethu, Cape Town.
Supervisor: Heike Becker
Shaheed TobiasMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
An exploration of chess as a space for engendering alternative masculinities.
Supervisor: Prof.Sakhumzi Mfecane
Sikelelwa MashiyiMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Spaza Hip Hop in the Townships of Cape Town.
Supervisor: Jung Ran Annachiara Forte
Tendai MlamboMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Music and Political Activism: the Case of the Zimbabwean Diaspora in Cape Town.
Supervisor: Jung Ran Forte
Zuko SikhafunganaMA Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Theatre Formations: Spaces, Bodies and Puppets.
Supervisor: Jung Ran Forte


Bernadette Epie MungeMA Student – SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
The Long Term Effects of Domestic violence on People: A study of actual Victims in Cape Town, South Africa.
Supervisor: Edlyne Anugwom
Fru Terence FontohMA Student – SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Death "away from home". A case Study of Cameroonian immigrants living in Capetown, South Africa.
Supervisor: Sharyn Spicer
Lucrechia Zaiana Van StadeMA Student – SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Church and Single Parenting: Perceptions and Social Support.
Supervisor: Dr Sharyn Spicer
Mitchel HunterMA Student – SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
European Jews in South Africa: a case study of racial identity, white supremacy and settler colonialism”.
Supervisors: Heike Becker and Suren Pillay
Naweu Mannix KanyimbuMA Student – SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Post-apartheid and Gloabalisation: Social transformation in South Africa.
Supervisor: Edlyn Anugwom
Sandile MkizeMA Student – SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Pentecostal Christianity and New Media in South Africa: A study of Grace Life Church in Stellenbosch.
Supervisor: Edlyn Anugwom
Waylin Marc JaftaMA Student – SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Social Media Networks in the Public Sphere: Case Studies & Theoretical Frameworks.
Supervisor: Lionel Thaver


Odette MuraraPHD Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
‘Performing diversity’: Everyday social interaction among migrants from the Great Lakes region and South Africans in Cape Town.
Supervisor: Heike Becker
Shingirai NyakabawuPHD Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Economic transnationalism in the global South: enterprising Zimbabweans in South Africa. Supervisors: Suren Pillay and William Ellis
Rafael VerbuystPHD Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Claiming land and history. A meta-historical analysis of Khoisan land claims and indigenous rights activism in South Africa. Supervisor: William Ellis (joint supervision with the Ghent University)
Denver DavidsPHD Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Knowledge interfaces:Kruiekenners, plants and healing in Genadendal, Western Cape.
Supervisor: Diana Gibson
Tihana NathenPHD Student - ANTHROPOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
A 'plant-thropology’ of Rastafarianism: a post-humanist approach to the exploration of the ‘rastafari’ movement in the Western Cape.
Supervisor: Dr. William Ellis


Bernard OmukunyiPHD Student - SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
A Sociological Study of the Response of the Bamasaaba People to the Implementation of the Reformed Health Policies on Male Circumcision in the Bugisu sub-region in Uganda.
Supervisor: K. Kathleen Nadasen
Edgar Ngonidzashe MafuaPHD Student - SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Melting pot: The proliferation, social dynamics and integration of SADIC migrants in South Africa. A study of Gauteng Province.
Supervisor: Eze Anugwom
Gordon IgbokwePHD Student - SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
A study of the socio-economic integration of highly skilled Nigerian migrants in Cape Town.
Supervisor: K. Kathleen Nadasen
Kevin JulliesPHD Student - SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
A symbolic interactionist approach to care and compassion in Ocean View, Western Cape.
Supervisor: Lionel Thaver
Marius Debornaire MbetgaPHD Student - SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Socioeconomic Integration and Social Exclusion in Post-Apartheid South Africa. A case study of “Foreign” African Migrant, Informakl street and Beach traders in the City of Cape Town.
Supervisor: Lionel Thaver
Mustapha Desire KazadiPHD Student - SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Exploring Xenophobic Practices towards African refugees and asylum seekers within the South Africa’s labour market.
Supervisor: Edlyne Anugwom
Tshipama MweyelekaPHD Student - SOCIOLOGY, Postgraduate Student
Neighbourhood Watch Organizations and Social Transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa: New/Emergent Collective Memories, Social Networks and Social Capital in Crime Prevention Practices in Ravensmead and Parow.
Supervisor: Lionel Thaver