Lionel Thaver

I am a senior lecturer who specializes in teaching Contemporary Sociological Theory, Social Change: Technology and Society, Advanced Social Theory, Advanced Research Methodology –Philosophy of Science and Advanced Sociology/Philosophy of Technology. I have published in Sociology and Higher Education Journals in fields such as Academic Discourse and students writing practices, Sociology of Higher Education in South Africa and Modern Technology and Society. The themes covered include: At Home, Institutional Culture and the University, Institutional imperatives of Higher Education, Developmental State and Higher Education, Race, Class, State and Higher Education and the Ambivalence of Technology. My current research interests are in the areas of Information technology and society, sociological theory, hermeneutics and phenomenology, philosophy of science, Sociology of Higher Education and Social Change. I serve as Associate Editor for the Journal of English as International Language and I have reviewed several papers addressing hegemonic and pedagogic practices in the teaching of English as second language. In addition, I also serve in the capacity of peer reviewer for Sociology Journals.

  • Thaver, L.L. and Thaver, B. 2018. (forthcoming July 2018) “Academic Mobility and emergent espistemics: Africanising the knowledge project in South African higher education.” La Revue d’Anthropologie des Connaissances.
  • Thaver L.L. 2015. “The ambivalence of Modern Technology and the ‘Digital Divide’: gathering and scattering of sociality and sociability in the Global Network Society.” South African Journal of Higher Education 29(4): 1-13.
  • Thaver, L.L. and Thaver, B. 2014 “Orientacao estrutural e agencia social na Africa do Sul estado, race, educacao supervior e transformacao,” In Africa No MundoContemporaneo: Estruturas e Relacoes, Jonuel Goncalves (Ed.) Brazil: Garamond Universitaria.
  • Thaver L.L. 2010 “Institutional imperatives and feeling at home in Higher Education Institutions: Giddens on trust and intimacy.” South African Journal of Higher Education, 24(1): 145-156.
  • Thaver, B. And Thaver, L.L. 2009 “State-in-society: the mutual constitutiveness of theDevelopmental State and Higher Education.” African Sociological Review 13(1): 57-77.
  • Thaver L.L. (2006) “At Home, Institutional Culture and Higher Education: some methodological considerations.” Perspectives in Education 24(1): 15-26.

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