Olajide Oloyede

I am a Professor of Sociology and Principal Investigator on Health and Medicines Research Team (HEMER) in the department. HEMER is a research team focusing on health, disease and medicines with the chief aim of building a reservoir of social science research data that inform constructive responses to illness, health, disease and medicines. HEMER also seeks to integrate collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to support health and disease monitoring. My research interest in philosophy of medicine and sociology of knowledge is conducted under HEMER. I use health as a “site” to explore epistemological issues. I am currently researching disease diagnosis in biomedicine and African medicine specifically spotlighting the point in the process when illness is named and what this means in terms of a “pathological truth” and the associated meanings and value. I was the Director of the Institute for Social Development (ISD) and a former Deputy Dean of the Arts Faculty.

  • Oloyede, O. 2010 “Epistemological Issues in the making of an African medicine: Sutherlandia Frutescence.” African Sociological Review 14(2): 74-88.
  • Oloyede, O. 2011. “An Exploration of the philosophy and environment of a South African randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial of Lessertia Frutescence.” African Sociological Review 15(1): 109-123.

Mail : ooloyede@uwc.ac.za

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